Golfers at all levels will be aware of the fact that the swing that pops out for them on one day can be quite different from the one that appears on another day. This is true for every club, from the Driver all the way down to the putter.

For many of us this is a major part of what makes the game of golf so fascinating. For others it is what frustrates them to such a degree that it causes them to walk off the course, throw their clubs away or vow to never play this “stupid game” again!

Golf is not a game to be easily, if ever, conquered. As one friend said, golf is in fact very humbling. Each and every time you think that you have “got it” and conquered it, something different pops out in your swing and brings you back down to earth in one quick moment.

Golf requires of you an extremely high degree of self-awareness. That awareness encompasses both physical and mental aspects. From the physical perspective a golfer needs to be able to know, visually and kinesthetically, that their stance is sufficiently upright, their knees flexed, shoulders and hips aligned just so, that their hands are releasing, and so on.

The list of physical things that a golfer needs to be aware of is almost limitless! And then he or she also needs to know the physical attributes of the different club faces and how they respond to the golf ball and how that interacts with swing plane as well. Then there are things that a golfer needs to be aware of in terms of course conditions, terrain, weather, altitude and so on.

With all of these physical things vying for a golfers attention it can become easy to prioritize these higher than things that are more mental. Not only that, most golfers allow all of these things to “mess up” their mental attitude and equilibrium. For some golfers this will be shown in displays of anger, either overtly or covertly.

For others it can just be a niggling frustration and a sense that “it’s just not right today” combined with a query of “what am I doing wrong?” If a golfer gives in to this feeling and does not check it then their golf is likely to go from bad to worse during the round. Their golf will be more unpredictable due to erroneous mental focus.

What do I mean by erroneous focus? With all those other thoughts competing for your attention you have no room left to focus upon the most vital aspect of each shot. You forget to dial in upon your target and to prioritize hitting the ball towards it.

Not only that, as you mutter to yourself “what’s wrong with my swing today?” you destroy any last shred of confidence you might have had and effectively program your mind to make a bad swing and shot. Golf requires confidence. This is why good golfers know that when you are out on the course you play with what you have got. You dont question it whilst on the course. You play within yourself, with correct focus, as much confidence as you can muster and a high degree of awareness.

Roseanna Leaton, avid golfer and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.