In contrast to similar holiday excursions, preparing for a golf vacation could be a challenging job. Given that unexpected situations might come along the way whilst you might be on vacation, you need to pack your baggage with necessities to battle allergy episodes, stolen golf clubs, along with ugly weather. Nevertheless at the same time, you’ll in addition want to save space in your baggage because almost all air carriers will charge you added in the event you fly with you two checked pieces of luggage as well as golf clubs.Want to know how to help make your golf holiday stress-free. Here are a couple of guides to help you:

1. Acquire a golf bag – Airlines these days don’t anymore let golfers to check in their golf bags with only a soft cover. So, you will need to purchase a travelling bag that is hard-cased container created of plastic or metal for the clubs.

2. Don’t forget to pack light – Settle on as few clubs as you consider you will need. If it is feasible, bring only 14 clubs with you, a dozen of golf balls, tees, gloves and just one pair of shoes.

3. Pack for the golfing dress code – La Manga Golf Club imposes rigid dress codes for their golfing establishments. Thus, to avoid possible awkwardness of getting reminded by golf club employees, pack enough golfing dress. And that suggests shirts with collars and khaki pants or shorts for men; and skirts, khaki pants or shorts for females. La Manga features a warm and sunny climate all throughout the year, so you will need to bring additional t-shirts to change clothes in the midst of a humid day.

4. Contemplate not taking clubs at all – La Manga Golf Club provides golf clubs and equipment rental which includes left-handed clubs for the left-handers, half or complete sets, scooters, buggies and trolleys.

If you plan to stay at the Hotel Principe Felipe, a buggy with 1 or 2 seater costs 51 Euros for 1 round, an electric trolley costs 19 Euros for 1 round, 51 Euros for 3 rounds, and 75 Euros for 5 rounds. In the event you choose to hire a manual trolley, it is less expensive at 7 Euros for 1 round, 18 Euros for 3 rounds, and 25 Euros for 5 rounds. A complete set of clubs costs 50 Euros, for 3 days full set is 135 Euros, and 5 days complete set is 200 Euros. Practice balls cost 10 Euros for 5 x 23 balls, 20 Euros for 10 x 23 balls, and 30 Euros for 20 x 23 golf balls.

5. Recognize your airline’s golf gear travel policy.

6. Do not pack not related things inside your golf bags.

7. In the event you plan to bring your clubs, take into account getting insurance coverage for them.

Apart from the golf equipment, here is some other stuff you will need to bring and pack in your luggage bag:

1. Camera – Rather then your mobile phone camera, you are going to want this to record the stunning and tranquil surroundings of La Manga Golf Club Courses.

2. Extra Gloves – Always carry two or three pair of golf gloves, you will require this at La Manga Golf Club since the resort has all-year round very hot or humid climate.

3. Caps having UV protection of 50+ – Certified with UV protection, Tilley hats are perfect for golfers subjected to sun throughout the day.

4. Protection From The Sun – Don’t allow the sun ruin your golf game and holiday at La Manga Golf club. To get an simpler application, try Proderma SPF 30 Face Stick. It is great for golf players since it incorporates a base dial similar to a larger tube of Chapstick. So, you will merely stroke the stick onto the skin, and bam !!

5. Transitions Sun glasses – In contrast to normal sun glasses transitions sunglasses like the Callaway’s FT-IZ Transitions Eyewear are created to adapt to all light conditions and the result is accurate visual acuity for distance and depth perception. So you’ll see the angles and lines with better sharpness and accuracy compared to non-prescription pair of sunglasses.

6. Rangefinders and Gps device – Golfing range finders will help you find distance from the flag of the golf course even though Golf GPS will assist you to not to get lost around the golf course. Bushnell Tour V2 laser Rangefinder with Pinseeker can help you see from 5 to 1000 yards. For golf GPS, you can try Garmin S1 Golf GPS enabled watch. It’s very convenient to use.