The new Tour Yellow Srixon Z-Star golf ball may at first glance seem like a strange introduction into the premium golf ball market place, mainly due to the fact that most accomplished players will associate yellow balls as being cheap low performance balls or for beginner golfers only.

Srixon have a different view on this subject though, they have incorporated exactly the same advanced technology into their Z-Star Tour Yellow golf ball as they have done in the Z-Star Pure White model, and they believe that the new color (which is a combination of yellow and green) will allow golfers to track their balls more easily, and offer the added advantage of promoting a more positive state of mind.

Science has proven that the most visible color in the color spectrum is yellow, Srixon also know that in psychological terms, green is often associated with having a calming influence and helping people with stress relief. So the idea of behind the introduction of the Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow ball doesnt appear to be so daft after all.

The Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow is a 3-piece construction golf ball is made up of a super soft, yet durable urethane cover, a very thin elastic Ionomer mid-layer and Srixons patented EGG (Energetic Gradient Growth) core, and is specifically designed for the mid to low-handicap golfers out there, who have an average swing speed of between 80105mph.

Anyone blessed with a swing speed greater than 105mph and wants to maximise distance, will probably benefit more from using the Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball instead.

The extremely durable yet super soft elastomer urethane cover helps to create the perfect combination of maximum distance and consistent spin control for all shots, especially the ones out of the rough, and provides you with an exceptionally soft feel for your approach shots to the green.

Srixons Tour Yellow elastic ionomer mid-layer helps to reduce excess driver spin to increase ball flight length and carry, and creates a smooth transition to the core to provide optimal distance and greater control.

And the new patented Srixon EGG technology enables them to produce a core that varies in stiffness, starting with a soft center and progressively getting harder as it reaches the outer edges. This helps to generate high ball speeds with less driver spin for greater distance and a softer feel.

The Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow and Z-Star Pure White Golf Balls also utilizes a new aerodynamic 324 dimple design that is optimized to reduce the effects of air resistance and drag for enhanced distance and creates exceptional spin control from tee to green, and uses Srixons Invisiseam Technology to ensure the uniformity of the dimples across the entire surface, helping to promote a more consistent ball flight and increased performance levels.

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