Since the last few months, millions of golf fans have started paying lots of golf news about the ranking of the Office World Golf. There are several women golfers who would like to all the information about golf news about the womens golf PGA tour.

To be eligible for a card at the PGA tour, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in the first round of the tournament. If you are a pro and are playing for your country, and have received the PGA tour, then you must have this card for going to the PGA tour qualifying sports tournament. If you are an amateur, you must carry with you an index of form from at least two people. Present these forms while participating in the PGA tour. This tournament is also known as the qualifying institution.

What are the benefits of the PGA tour tournament? Even if you are an amateur, you might know how a golfer gets on to a PGA Tour. A new member of the PGA tour needs a PGA tour card. To attend the qualifying tournament, you must distribute an application and pay the entrance fee. The tournament is usually held annually. The PGA tour access the three periods as well as an extra game that is termed as a pre qualifying game. All the levels are played across several regions for several months. From each region, only the top few golfers are chosen for the next set of games.

When the number of golfers comes down to 25, they meet at the final round for a new PGA Tour card. When you have a PGA tour card, you can play in all the PGA tours. Many players receive endorsement deals, sponsorships and other advertising deals. The main benefit of the PGA tour card is that it gives the golfers a chance to win great tournament prizes.

When you as a golfer go up to the final level of the qualifying institution, but you do not get the PGA tour card, then too, you are eligible for the tour that is countrywide performed.

The current PGA tour players must rank in the top 125 list for the year, so that they can continue to keep their PGA tour card. You can add a two year exemption when you win the PGA tour tournament. And if you win one of the four major tournaments, then you can win a 10 year exemption too.

And regarding the latest on golf news, although it took him 355 events, Harrison Frazar finally won the St Jude PGA tour. He ended the tournament with a win over Robert Karlsson on the third hole of a sudden death playoff on Sunday at the St Jude Classic. He earned his win in his 355th tournament. This win will put Frazar in a playoff in Maui and in Augusta at the Masters for the very first time.

Well, this was the ninth PGA Tour where the win was decided by a playoff.