The golf swing technique of tiger woods is the subject of interesting studies. The main thing that has come up from this golfers style of golfing and his techniques of golf swing is that he has amazing fitness and great flexibility which has been the best reason why he is so successful in his golf career. He has such a stunning career that has crowned him the undisputed king of golf in the history of the golf sports.

The golf swing techniques of Tiger Woods utilize the flexibility of his swing to send the ball far back. As he starts his swinging, his fitness level and the strength of his muscles make him build up the velocity of the club head by turning his body very fast and also while putting his right leg in front. This saves his energy in good amount as he keeps his position just above the golf ball.

While driving through, tiger woods uses his hips, wrists and his shoulders to bring the force to one single point thus creating a high speed of the ball initially. The research shows that in the vicinity of the tee, the ball travels at a speed of 180 miles per hour. Usually a pro golfer can manage a speed of 160 miles.

If you have ever watched Tiger Woods play his golf swing techniques, you would see that he uses the momentum of the clubs head to raise his follow through for far around. This helps him complete a smooth club and head rotation. Tiger Woods techniques are so smooth that it is rather impossible for anyone to achieve that unless he is extremely fit physically. A great looking golf swing requires very well conditioned muscle powers that will help you to perform at your best form and also very consistently.

Now days, Golf is not treated as just a leisure sport these days. It is a regular stretch exercise related sports and requires lifting of light weights so that you can also build on your strength.

Here are a few golf tips to help you sharpen your golf skills:

Ingraining and the practice of the fundamentals of the golf is the key to a good game. Here are a few golf tips that will help you cover up the key points of the golf swing that includes back swing, ball position and the down swing golf tips.

To make hits of the iron shots, you should hit the golf ball in a down ward manner. Position the ball correctly in accordance with your position. While making the back swing, rotate the golf club while putting your weight on the back leg. When they approach the waist, hinge your wrists. While you are at the top swing, make sure that your main arm is kept straight and your rear knee is very well flexed. Your shoulders should also move up to 90 degrees when you are at the top of the swing. Make sure that all these while, your hips must be at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees.