Do you find your electric golf cart run more and more slowly after a few years? Maybe this speed doesn’t meet your demand at all. Originally the speed of golf cart is not enough fast, and if it become slower, you’d better walk instead. Electric golf carts provide a safe, relatively cheap means of transportation around your local course. However, this type of transportation can be unbearably slow if you don’t take measures to speed up your cart. Most electric golf carts come with standard equipment designed for moderate power usage. Luckily, you can get these changed out for higher-powered, faster components relatively easily. Just follow me to speed up an electric golf cart.
Step 1
Get a new battery to maximize your motor’s output. If there is something wrong with these batteries, I think the cart will not move at all. So you can imagine how important the batteries are. Many electric cart motors are designed to work with a range of batteries; the voltage range is typically printed on the motor or available in the cart’s manual. By selecting a new battery closer to the voltage maximum, you can dramatically increase your electric motor’s RPMs.
Step 2
If simply getting a better battery is not an option, get a new electric engine. A new engine may be necessary if you check the labels on your engine and find that it is already utilizing the highest voltage possible. Engine upgrades can be performed at a local golf cart mechanic for the cost of the engine and a nominal fee.
Step 3
Change the gear system on the cart to a system with a higher ratio. Typically, electric golf carts have a standard 8:1 gear ratio, but switching to a gear ratio upwards of 12:1 will increase your speed. However, before you take your cart to a mechanic for gear swapping, keep in mind that your cart’s ability to pull heavy items or go up steep hills will be compromised if you switch to a higher ratio for faster speeds.
Step 4
Remove clutter from the cart’s undercarriage to ensure the best speeds possible. Always be sure to remove mud and other caked-on debris from the underside of your cart. While many golfers keep the tops of their carts pristine, it can be easy to forget about the underside of the vehicle.
Step 5
Keep your golf cart’s tires properly inflated. Just like with an automobile, poor tire inflation reduces speed. Ideal inflation varies depending on the size of tire your cart uses; the tire itself typically has a label indicating the best PSI for proper inflation.
Step 6
Remove excess weight from the cart. Lighter carts go faster, so take a hard look at the items loaded into your cart and get rid of whatever you don’t need. If you keep several sets of clubs in the cart, take out the ones you don’t plan on using.
If you find your electric golf cart a little dull, it is time to speed up it. Hopefully, these steps that are given in the above will help you. If you want to know more about golf cart, you can just visit