Short Game – The Main Component

The short game in golf is the most vital part of your golf round because most of your golf shots are played from distances that are recognized as the short game. In the game of golf today there are way too many golfers trying to hit the golf ball to the moon. It is intriguing and awesome when done correctly, but most of the time it is a big disappointment and can leave you frustrated for the rest of your golf round. So why not learn how to get up and down effectively? The short game by far is the part of your golf game that will lower your score. Almost half of your golf shots are pitching or chipping or require laying up for a lower score, so the short game must be focused on getting better at.

Short Game – Pitching and Chipping

For a lower golf shot in your short game, the middle of your chest should be in front of the golf ball and even with your rear foot. The high shot or loft, should have your middle of the chest even or a little behind the golf ball. Always play the low golf shot for a higher percentage of success. Let it roll man let it roll! It is always easier to gauge where the golf ball is going when you let it roll. Solid contact on the middle of the golf club face is vital for becoming great with your wedges around the greens, so hit the golf ball flush. To control the distance of a short golf shot your back swing length should be the same as the forward golf swing as you hit towards your target. These golf tips will help you with your short game when practiced.

Short Game Drill

The Stork drill is the best short game drill out there for the simple reason that most golfers hang back and lift the golf ball in the air. Hit your chips, pitches and sand shots while your back foot is off the ground and up on your toe for balance. This will place most of your weight on the front leg giving you a descending angle of attack; great for solid contact. And don’t forget to finish your golf swing. Over half of your golf shots during a round are played within 100 yards so practice your short game more frequently. If you want to be the envy of your foursome and have them asking you where you learned how to golf better, here’s some secrets the pro’s use to lower their golf scores. To your next golf round and better short game!