For a golfer, one of the most important things you should examine is his golf club because according to experts, is one of the main reasons for not hitting the ball. This is the exact cause of the Ping golf club was born. Karsten Solheim was the one who invented the ping golf club with different intentions. History has it that Karsten was practicing golf but he could not hit the ball so he started to practice at the time they began to design his own putter and experience, that could play better through it. He thought of designing his own putter without a figment of an acquaintance who would be in the world. In 1959, his putter experiments had evolved into 1A design. In deciding the name, the sound of his putter and declared proudly to his wife that he would name the putter from its sound, hence the name “ping”. In the same year, Sports Illustrated published an article in their August issue regarding the ping golf club dubbing it as a musicical putter.

This began the success of the Ping Golf Club. At present, the Ping golf club is manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona Karsten Manufacturing Corporation. There are more than 400 patents registered for the ping golf club, and each of these models are all very innovative and original design to suit every golfer. Here are some of their key patents and products:

In 1962, the golf club type of heel-toe weighting ping the patent was granted. This design was the man who revolutionized other modern designs and golf clubs that are currently manufactured in the market. In 1969, another type of ping golf club was introduced perimeter weighted distribution of investment. The reason for this type of ping golf club is that the perimeter weighting is able to increase the moment of inertia so when the ball is not hit squarely in the face that makes the club more forgiving. Another innovative movement for the ping golf club was the application of investment casting in the production of plates of the K series It is not really a new technology, in fact, the old name because it is the lost wax process. The purpose of this type of method is to provide specific details and consistency to all parts of the ping golf club. Another type of patent for the Ping golf club is the insertion Cushin selective filtering.

This is a patented invention that rejects and disperses the unwanted frequencies that can damage muscles, bones and connective tissues. With this invention, the golfer receives less vibration with greater feel on each shot. The reason why the ping golf club is popular and widely used because of its innovative, ever-changing yet reliable design. These designs are what people, particularly golfers, recognize about ping golf club. lost one of your Ping golf clubs? Do not worry because serial numbers are there to save you! In every ping golf clubs, there are serial numbers which are etched on every PING iron. If ever there is a need to replace one club, the company’s exact specifications at the time of manufacturing on file and may in fact create a new club to match your set.