Long golf drives – driving range

Long golf drives can be accomplished with the correct golf swing mechanics. Every golfer on the planet dreams of hitting his first tee shot to the moon just like Happy Gilmore did in that epic golf classic. (hahaha). In the real world though there are very few that can accomplish this task because of all the required golf swing mechanics and discipline. Tiger Woods has always hit long golf drives because he not only trusts his golf swing but he has relevant hip and shoulder control. While at your preferred golf driving range, grab a bucket of golf balls and warm your body up by stretching before you start your practice and quest for long golf drives.

Long golf drives – how to hit a driver

To really drive the golf ball, hitting the sweet spot on the golf club face is vital. If your head is over your knee at address it will affect every part of your golf swing. Keeping the lower body stable will produce a more efficient and faster golf swing rotation. A secret to hitting long golf drives is to make a full shoulder turn. This will cause you to swing on the necessary plane while allowing your correct weight transfer.

For even more distance and longer golf drives your hips will need to engage correctly. Move forward with your hips and slide them towards your designated target, then uncoil them. Picture a pinball and how you draw it back to put the ball in play. Then when you release it, it uncoils. If you close your eyes and visualize this for practice, it will be more easy when you actually implement the golf drill.

Long golf drives – golf swing tip

To get your shoulders working properly for hitting longer golf drives, get your driver and take a normal stance. Put a golf ball under the back arm pit and swing the golf club. If you move your arms without turning correctly, the golf ball will fall out. On the other hand if your shoulder turn is done properly, your golf swing will keep the golf ball in the arm pit throughout the back swing. This golf tip teaches you to keep your arms from separating during the back swing. For more distance it is always necessary to practice at your nearest driving range because of the force that you’ll need to exert when hitting the golf ball further. So practice up with your perfect golf swing and start hitting long golf drives.

Don’t forget to stretch before you start your golf round. If you are serious and really want to play better golf while becoming the envy of your foursome, here’s the golf instruction the pro’s use to drop 7 – 10 strokes off their golf game when they find themselves off their game. To your next golf round and success in hitting long golf drives.