Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you need to have a good set of golf clubs that fit your body and golfing style. Because of this it is important that you take your time when shopping for golf clubs. Try out a variety of brands, models, and golf club components before you make a purchase.If you are a novice golfer then your first set of clubs will impact how your golfing form and style are developed. Most golfing instructors will recommend that you learn golf with a full set of golf clubs. This means that your set should include 8 irons, 3 woods, and a putter. Beginner golf sets are a good option for novice golfers on a budget. However, if you can afford a better set then it will be a good investment, as high quality golf clubs perform better then lower quality clubs. You should also note that if you are left handed you will need to look for a set of left handed golf clubs.

If you know a little bit about golf and what clubs you play the best with, then you can put your own golf club set together. Shopping for individual clubs can be a lot of fun. Try out a variety of putters, drivers, and fairway woods. If you have never played with hybrid golf clubs before, golf clubs that have both wood and iron components, then try one out to see how it feels. To save time you may want to shop for wood sets and iron sets instead of shopping for 12 individual clubs.

The cost of a basic novice golf club set usually costs about $500, and quality golf sets can cost several thousands of dollars. If you can’t afford to invest this much in your initial golf club set then you will need to look for discount golf clubs. Clearance sales at the end of the golf season can be a great way to get a substantial discount on your golf set. You may also want to look for special off-season golf sales. While you are shopping remember to pick up your golf club travel case, to protect your investment on the road.

There is no perfect club for everyone. There is though a very good club out there that will fit most of your needs. To find the club that fits your needs the most, you should look at shaft stiffness, loft, design, brand name, feel, and price. Also to find if a club will fit your needs you can look at reviews.

A regular shaft is for players that have average swing speeds. You only need to look at shafts when buying woods and irons. All wedges and putters have stiff shafts. Stiff shafts are for players with higher swing speeds. This is also only important for woods and irons. It is possible to get putters or wedges in a regular shaft but it is not common.

A higher handicap player would probably prefer clubs with higher lofts. Many high handicap players would get 10 to 12 degree drivers. Lower handicap players like all the pros would probably prefer lower lofts like 8 to 10 degrees for drivers. Lofts can also be changed for wedges and irons. Many irons that are driven towards high handicap players are one or two degrees higher than average. For wedges, you can easily pick what loft you want.

The design of a club is more of a mental thing. If you go up to take a shot with a plain-looking, ugly colored club, you might not have as much confidence. But if you go up to take a shot holding a nice looking oil drenched club, you will probably be more confident. One club that has just come out that is a good example of this is the nike v-rev wedge. The innovation is outstanding and it looks amazing in black satin.

Now, this is something that you probably won’t agree with. Having a name brand club. This is also partly a mental reason. All of the professional golfers have clubs by callaway, nike, cleveland, titleist, or other popular brands. For them, they make money from the sponsorship. For us, we think it would be better to have clubs like the pros. also the name brand clubs tend to be more durable and better overall.