Every new golfer is like a child in the candy store. They are anxious to have discount golf clubs and accessories for their own. However, it is extremely imperative to comprehend the basics of your golf swing mechanics, before buying golf clubs that are best suited for your golf swing. Usually a set of 14 golf clubs is permitted for each golfer under U.S.G.A. rules. This set including golf irons set, woods, wedges, hybrids and a putter. You can create your own set by adding and dropping clubs that best golf clubs fits you. Hybrids are a good choice for golf beginners as they undoubtedly are a mixture of irons and woods, and therefore less difficult and lighter to hit.

With todays economic conditions and not knowing if youll even have a job the next day. Most people will buy off the rack standard clubs. It wont improve their golf game one iota and they dont care. They believe whats the difference! Their not there to improve upon their golf swing mechanics. Your there instead to have fun being with others you care about playing with, and enjoying the great outdoors.

For a beginner having a full set that isnt necessary. Most of the golfers playing with used or racked clubs are just beginning to play and dont need expensive golf clubs. Depending upon your budget, you can choose either, pre-owned clubs or new. Buying cheap or discounted golf clubs can be a very good choice for starters. Next get yourself a dozen golf balls. They dont have to be expensive brands like Callaway, Nike, Taylormade or Titleist. Using golf brands like Bridgestone, Slazenger, Srixion and TopFlite will cost 1/4 the price then the leading brands. Golf bags dont have to be expensive either. You can find them at garage sales or flee markets. If you buy them in a golf shop, you dont need oversized compartment bags that have 10 different storage areas.

Your just discovering that you cant hit the golf ball well, and your golf swing is very limited, and not very powerful. That knowing the different yardages for each golf club is just a guessing game. That in the beginning your going to have every bad swing fault until you can get some golf lessons. Dont be discouraged by this, instead enjoy the game! Learn to play with what you have until you get better.

Buying used or new golf clubs depends upon your budget in what you can afford. Some golfers are turned off by custom made golf clubs. They are more expensive and there is a waiting period while their being built to your specifications. (Height and Wrist to Floor.) Going shopping at any brick and mortar stores that carries different lines of golf equipment, you can just pick out the golf clubs that you want. Start playing with them that same day. However, it does take time to get used to them.

“Playing with cheap golf equipment that fits you makes it so much easier to play and be enjoyable” says, Tiger Woods. For those who have been playing for a while and want to improve upon their golf swing mechanics. Youll eventually want to move onto a new set of custom made golf clubs. The value of having your own golf clubs fitted to you is indeed a major benefit in improving upon your golf swing. Its essential that you are fitted correctly. You dont want to have your body adjusted to the golf club, because that will happen when you buy off the rack at a store. Instead you want your golf club built to your height, size and strength. Its highly recommended that you see your local P.G.A. professional who has all the necessary tools to fit you, and align your golf swing up properly with their latest computer technology.