Many enthusiastic golfers like to be out on the golf course everyday to either have fun or to keep their golf game in shape. But due to work or sometimes weather it becomes impossible to visit the golf course everyday. But this doesn’t mean your game needs to suffer, there are many alternatives which can help you keep your game in shape. I have seen many people have suggested playing online golf games to keep your game in shape, I mean come-on how can your game be in a shape by playing golf using your keyboard or joysticks. It can be played for fun or to kill time, but time is the thing which we want to save by not going to golf courses.

You can use golf simulators to play golf and be in touch with the game while you are away from course. At the same time you will get the physical workout also. Believe me, these simulators are for serious golfers and you would hardly notice any difference in the real golf and simulated golf except the fact that you won’t feel the cool breeze blowing in the golf course. Most of the golf simulators in the market are bundled with all popular golf courses, so you can choose from a variety of golf courses which are the actual replica of the real courses. So now you can feel the experience of playing real golf with added advantage of improving your game as these machines show you real time analysis of your shots, so you can work on your weaker areas and try to improve on that aspect of the game.

Some of the advanced golf simulators allow you to analyze your swing by using swing analyzer, other features include putting analyzer, green reading, weight transfer analyzer etc. With added features such as club and ball fitting, you can test the clubs and balls suitable for you for a particular course on your golf simulator.

In addition to all these features, your golf simulator can also be used for entertainment purposes such as watching movies on your projector and playing other games. If you cannot afford one, you can always go for renting it as renting a simulator won’t cost you much.

So the next time you cant make it to golf course due to time constraint or weather conditions, you have the option to practice golf on your simulators.