If only enjoying golf were as straightforward as turning up with a few clubs, some smarter clothes and knocking the balls around the course for a couple of hrs!

Every golfer will require to make certain they’ve the proper golf equipment for his or her game, regardless of whether it really isit is really just playing for pleasure or taking part in a lot more competitive rounds.

Here, we go through the 5 aspects you need to be ensuring that you simply are fully equipped with just before hitting the course, as well as recommendations on the place to purchase your golf equipment online.


It could possibly seem to be an obvious statement to make but start with the clubs – them there is no probability of the round of golf!

If you are a newbie in the sport it could possibly appear a bit daunting whenever you have a look at the volume of clubs obtainable on the market these days.

It is possible to get half sets, total sets, sets of individual woods and irons, and every individual club on its very own.

Half sets are some of the best golf clubs for beginners as they comprise all of the essential clubs you will need to have to make your way across the course.

Should you are a a lot more advanced player you may need to have a look at full sets to give you even more alternatives when it involves deciding on your shot.

Whatever you finish up shopping for, be sure you choose the tools that are appropriate for your game – and, just as importantly, your spending budget.

Also be certain to give plenty of consideration to your option of putter as that is certainly the golf club you are going to use the most.


Acquiring a box of balls isn’t as straightforward as just heading into a retail outlet, choosing a pack and leaving.

Did you already know about the various different sorts of golf ball on the market place these days?

If you are just beginning in the activity then you definitely might be much better off looking for a two-piece Surlyn covered ball.

Mainly because of the way they’re created, they have low spin rates to provide more distance after you strike them whilst also minimising the results of hooking or slicing.

For the a lot more highly developed player, the softer Balata balls will provide you with more control with improved spin rates.

Nevertheless, you will reduce a bit of distance with these and they do also have an increased hook or slice effect so they can be ideal for much more seasoned players.


The list of accessories that any golfer will carry across the course is surprisingly lengthy!

Initially, after you have obtained your clubs, you are going to undoubtedly have to have a bag to hold them in.

Thankfully, in the event you have purchased a full set or half set, you’ll most probably have acquired a bag together with your clubs.

If not, there is certainly lots of choice with lightweight stand bags probably the most preferred choices as they are effortless to carry around and also stand up of their own accord so are protected to on the floor.

You can also get trolley and cart bags which can be carried around too, although these are far more geared in the direction of being connected with your trolley or cart for ease of use.

As part of your bag you’ll need to have some of the smaller items like tees, a ball marker for marking your place on the putting green, and also a pitch mark repairer if your golf ball causes any damage on landing.

You should also carry a towel to maintain your clubs and balls clean and dry, improving their performance and making them survive for a longer period.

And do not forget an umbrella should you be caught in the rain!


You can find a lot of golf garment brands obtainable that it’s effortless to look great on the course without the need to shell out too much money.

The traditional mix is actually a uncomplicated polo shirt which offers comfort as well as style and is accepted on pretty much any golf course, together with a pair of tailored trousers or shorts since you are going to not be able to wear jeans.

You will also need a golf glove, which is often found in all sizes and colours, produced within a vary of distinct materials.

The glove goes on your reverse hand – when you are a right-handed player you put it on your left hand – and it offers you extra grip and control of the golf club through your swing.

It can be worth investing in a cap or visor too as not merely will they help hold the sun out of your eyes and away from your face, but they’re going to also assist you to emphasis on the ball as you take on your swing.

As of late, a whole lot of golfers also prefer to put on a wristband which provides further comfort and support for the wrist when you will be taking a shot.


You won’t have the opportunity to wear a regular pair of trainers whenever you are out on the golf course so it’s worth investing in a pair of first rate golf shoes.

Thankfully they are not pricey nowadays so it’s absolutely a great thought to acquire your self a pair.

You’ll be able to stroll for more than 5 miles during the normal round of golf so comfort and support with your feet is essential, in addition to the foundation they deliver you with so you aren’t moving all-around while taking your shot.

Contemporary shoes really don’t have the old steel spikes of past designs. As a substitute they’ve softer variations on spikes, referred to as cleats, to help you continue to be steady.

You need to search for footwear which are lightweight and durable, with plenty of padding and support for your feet to help you you in your swing and also protect you from the elements.