Generally, the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons are designed to create optimal distance gapping (12 yards) between clubs. Weighting is higher in short irons for more workability and gets progressively lower and more rearward in long irons for forgiveness. The sole design (raised in center, recessed in heel and toe) reduces drag and should increase playability. Now I would like to further analyze them from the following aspacts

Striking Appearance
With the new blackened steel and chromed look their new appearance is quite striking. Along with the new added blackened and chrome finish there seems to be an added and a more durable face finish, as well. Maybe help to keep their good looks awhile longer. They are an improved addition to their Burner line of GI irons. Medium width sole, and with a thinnish top line preferred by many. The shorter heel to toe length frames the ball well, while offering the appearance of a players iron at address. The sole, while not overly wide, skims through the turf with ease as would a much wider sole. They have been uniquely tuned to produce a sound (or feel) to match the power inside every iron. A nice looking club with a thin top edge and a new black finish, similar to the Callaway X-24 irons, the longest iron set Callaway have made.

Multi-Functional Iron Sole
TaylorMades Multi-Functional iron sole is beveled at the back to make it perform like a much thinner sole, which increases playability from a variety of lies, yet it also features a low and deeper center of gravity that makes it easy to launch the ball on a powerful and penetrating flight. Each iron individually engineered, resulting in the enhancement of multiple club properties, that promote distance.

Each Iron Is Tuned To Better Your Game
The thinner the face of a golf iron, the more ball speed and distance the iron can generate. This is even more important in long irons. Every iron has a different face thickness. The length of every shaft and loft of each head are tuned to each individual iron, making the irons have the perfect distance gap between clubs. Each iron in your bag does a different job, so Burner 2.0 irons are shaped differently. The long irons have larger heads while the short irons are more compact. Each iron has its own weight distributionmaking each iron perform as it should. Playability is emphasized by an individual center-of-gravity location in each clubhead, optimizing ball flight for each iron.

The combination of distance and ease of use made the Burner 2.0 Irons especially popular with mid- and higher-handicap players. The faces of these irons are thinner. The shafts are specially designed to go with each head. COR and MOI ratings have been maximised. The top lines are progressive.