Recently, the United States Golf Association implemented a new regulation for golf drivers that must be used on golf tours. This regulation has resulted to stream of new golf drivers for tours that are flexible during play. Many of the premium golf drivers for 2011 features the enhanced flexibility, personalized and customized clubs to improve performance.

The main targets for premium performance of the golf drivers include accuracy, distance and total enhancement of the game. The top 10 golf drivers for 2010 include the following – TaylorMade R9,

1. TaylorMade R9
This premium golf driver from Taylor Made features the latest golf innovation targeted at enhancing the launch of the ball. It has specially designed club head suitable for short range shots. Its length is about 45.30 inches.

2. Titleist 909 D Comp, D2 and D3
These three models from Titleist are all made from titanium providing an enhanced durability and precision for long range shots. If you are familiar with your ball striking styles, you can fashion the club options for maximized speed of the ball, angle launch and spin. Head volume: 460 cc; Length: about 45 inches.

3. Mizuno MP 630 Fast Track
The Mizuno MP 630 Fast Track features special mass adjustments that allow 45 various customizations for accurate control of your streak. It has an exposed face providing a low center of gravity, spin and launch. Head Volume: 460 cc; Length: 46 inches.

4. Cobra Zero Limits
The Cobra Zero Limits features an adjustable hose for setting the face angle. The square face insert provides the face of the driver striking advantage with a conventional rounded head for shaping shots. This club has the crisp sound on impact and a significant trajectory in launching the ball. Head Volume: 460 cc; Length: 46 inches.

5. Adams Speedline Fast 10
This golf driver has enhanced air flow and has low CG (Center of gravity for more prominent launch and a smooth flight due to the smaller side spin. This driver offers significant ball speed and range. There is 10 % less drag due to the increased head curvature and a more prominent club face leading to wider sweet spot. Head volume: 460 cc; Length: 46.12 inches

6. Cleveland Launcher DST
This gold driver has three variations – the standard, tour and draw. They have higher co-efficient of restitution for a more precise shot. Head volume: 460 cc (standard and draw versions) 430 cc (tour version).

7. Big Berta Diablo Edge
This driver from Callaway has traditional and tour version with various face designs available. This driver has the maximum of inertia (MOI) and lowest center of gravity. Head volume: 460 cc; Length of 45.5.

8. Callaway FT-IZ has both conventional and standard
The Callaway FT-IZ has both conventional and standard versions equipped with durability, constancy, and power due to the centralized mass of four times as much of the weight on the face of the club. This leads to better golf ball.
There are many new golf drivers on the market this year but the above are the cream of the crop. If you can’t find a new stick to launch the ball a mile from these than you may as well pick another sport.

9. Taylor Made Burner Draw
This gold driver from Taylor Made has a stable streak that is best for range plays. Its sleek design uses the Super Fast innovation making it a very light tool to make a faster swing. Using this club, you definitely cannot miss a hit. This club will provide you distance and precision in playing golf.

10. Big Ben C-S3
This innovative golf club is made of titanium and features a flexible weight technology. It also uses cartridge that moves minimal grams of discretionary mass to maximize your personal shot for more distance and accuracy.

Using one of the top ten golf drivers is one way to improve your game. Even the professionals take time to select from one of the top ten golf drivers to give themselves a edge.