Something as simple as a golf hat can illustrate the point well.

Anywhere you go, sun and wind will be a factor on the course. Bright rays, dust and other factors can reduce your vision from optimal, to adequate, to horrible. Harsh sun heats your head, increases perspiration and makes it harder to see long distances. The hat you use can help with all these problems. A good hat will shade your eyes, keep sweat out of them and reduce the odds of dust getting into them while it keeps the hot rays off your head.

At the same time, everyone wants to look stylish on the course. When you look good, you feel good and your confidence rises. That really does help keep you at the top of your game. A good hat is just the beginning of that process.

A whole range of apparel – shirts, pants, shorts, or even the gloves you wear – can help keep you looking your best, in order to help you feel your best. Keep your spirits high by keeping your clothing stylish and comfortable and you’ll be in the best frame of mind for playing your best game.

Did we mention comfort? Yes, that’s important, too. Looking good is only half the equation for aiding your game. You need to be relaxed. You can’t relax if your clothes are ill-fitting. No matter how stylish they are, you need knees and elbows that don’t bind, in order to optimize your stance and your swing. You need a comfortable waistband for pants for the best balance. You have to have the right fit across the shoulders to achieve your best arc. Don’t forget the fabrics your golf clothes are made from. Natural fabrics that allow your skin to breathe are a necessity, and it’s even more important that your clothes don’t itch. Nothing’s more distracting from a good game of golf than an itchy shirt or pair of pants!

Even something as simple as your choice of socks plays a role in style and comfort, and therefore helping you with your game. Wearing shorts will cause socks to be displayed and you don’t want to look like your grandfather. You want socks of the best cotton, with maximal wicking and supreme support. These will keep your circulation good, your body heat in check, help prevent blisters and give your feet the environment they need to do the job.

If you happen to find yourself caught in the rain – and what dedicated golfer doesn’t once in a while? You’ll appreciate having along some of the best rain apparel available. These items are ultra lightweight and give you plenty of room to move, so they won’t interfere with your game, as some bulkier forms of rainwear can.

Waterproof Gore-Tex rain jackets allow for plenty of air to move in while keeping moisture out. That keeps them cool and comfortable as they keep you dry. Rain pants are designed to be non-binding so your swing is not affected. Rain suits are available if you want to keep your whole body protected from the elements, yet still retain all the freedom of motion you need for your best game. While you may not need to go to this extreme when the rain’s light, if the rain is moderate to heavy and you’re going to be out in it for hours, your comfort will really be affected.

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