There are plenty of sayings about business and golf, and most people brush them off as clichs, or rumours. However, when the president of arguably the most powerful country in the world does business on the golf course, even the most cynical person has to sit up and take notice!

What is the Big Deal?

It may not seem like a big deal, but when Barack Obama confirmed in March of this year that he would be playing golf with John Boehner, a republican House Speaker, in June, the political and business worlds sat up and took notice.

The mere fact that politicians from different parties in the US are playing golf together is big news, and the fact that one of them is the president of the United States makes it even more amazing!

Political analysts and business big wigs in America are speculating as to whether their time on the course will help to forge a relationship between these two high profile players, and whether their camaraderie on the golf course will spill over into deals off the greens.

Who is Likely to Win?

While the game between Barack Obama and John Boehner is undoubtedly a clear case of business on the golf course, most ordinary people are a little more interested in who is likely to win.

By all accounts, Boehler is the better golfer, and most of those in the know are saying that it is likely that he will be victorious in the match up on the course. Their handicaps seem to support that theory, with Obama playing with a 17 handicap, and Boehler at around 5 or 6.

Those in the business world, however, are seeing a little more in this prime example of business on the golf course. They are seeing the possibility of a working relationship between two of the US’s most powerful politicians, and the effect that the game, and any subsequent meetings on the course may have on politics in the US.

Criticism and the Response

It is interesting to note that while both Obama and Boehler are avid golfers, they have both been criticised for their time on the course. Boehler, however, has responded to that criticism, saying that the game of golf is a great way to really get to know someone, and people tend to be themselves on the course – which is a great way to gauge their true interested, and to build relationships.

Whatever the outcome of the game, however, it is clear that this is a prime example of business on the golf course, and if it is good, enough for the leader of the free world, then it should certainly be good enough for the average businessperson!

So if you haven’t already bought your clubs (or brought them in from the garage), and you haven’t yet booked a tee time on your local course, perhaps it’s time to join the world’s foremost politician, and spend some time building business relationships on the course?