For more than a year, TaylorMade’s Burner irons have been among the best selling irons in the game. The combination of distance and ease of use made them especially popular with mid- and higher-handicap players. Now Taylormade Burner 2.0 Irons undoubtedly become the hottest irons in the golf market.

These new series contain several subtle performance enhancements. For instance, the set has a distinct size progression–long irons have the largest heads, thickest toplines and widest soles; more compact short irons have the narrowest toplines and sole widths. Thinner clubfaces (up to 5 percent) than in Burner irons deliver faster ball speed–and higher flight–for added distance. Recessed areas along the heel and toe are intended to reduce turf drag for crisper contact.

The faces of the Burner 2.0 long-irons are thinner than the faces of the original Burner long-irons, which should help golfers create more ball speed and distance. discount golf clubs for sale The weight saved by making the faces thinner has been redistributed to the lower section of the clubs, near the heel and toe areas, which Wahl says should make them more forgiving too.

The individual design of each Burner 2.0 has allowed TaylorMade to precision place the centre of gravity to optimise ball trajectory on each iron. The thin-faced, high COR long iron design offers extra distance while the multi-functional sole lowers the CG and reduces turf drag for higher launch angles.

Flight control shafts mean the irons offer longer, highers long irons shots and quick stopping short irons to give confidence on every shot. TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone Technology has been adapted with each iron containing a specially designed and strategically placed to enhance forgiveness.

The multi-material badge on the back of the Burner 2.0 is also an upgrade over the original Burner’s. “It has a softer material integrated with the aluminum which gives it better dampening, in terms of managing vibration,” Wahl says. “And in the long-irons, there is a stiff nylon layer of material that you can’t see that really helps to improve the sound.”

TaylorMade have developed that concept further with the line with each club designed individually to promote uniform distance gaps and delivering a feel and sound that satisfies with each shot. A refined vibration management system also develops the feel and sound of each club. The TaylorMade Burner 2.0 irons offer easy launch, distance along with feel and playability.