To golf in the 70s it all starts with tiGolf in the 70sming; good timing brings accuracy from the tee and this is where one must begin to improve their golf swing. Shorten your back swing by stopping your shoulder turn when your arms start going back naturally; if you don’t, you”ll get in trouble at the top if you keep going. Stay parallel, and eliminate over turning by keeping your hands away from your head as far as possible. If you keep your feet planted you will also find that this holds your lower half, and stops you from swaying which will get you playing better golf for your quest of golfing in the 70s.

Watch how Tiger Woods did it when he was “Tiger”.

When striking the golf ball, your arms and body must move as one; meaning the arms and chest have to move together while in your down swing. Focus on this while remembering to maintain the “triangle” formed by the chest and arms into impact. It should be the only time in your golf swing when your arms are perfectly straight and your swinging at top speed, also be mindful not too move your hips to quick.

Golf in the 70s – Golf Swing Tip

To generate a powerful golf swing which will allow you to golf in the 70s, you have to increase your golf club head speed, and shift your weight properly. Your right foot should rise slightly off the ground while the left leg should straighten in your down swing as well as your arms (straighten) as you approach impact. Next your belly button should go past your shoulders as you start to rotate your body. DO NOT engage your hands until right before you strike the golf ball and keep your head BEHIND the golf ball at impact. These are some golf tips for you to implement in your golf game if you are having problems with your golf swing.

Enjoying a consistent golf swing is just a piece of the puzzle to this great sport, and practicing with competent golf instruction will prove invaluable.

Golf in the 70s – Golf Swing Tip Conclusion

It is always best to clear your mind and stay focused on the golf shot at hand. Remember the first tee shot is the most important of the day because if good, you’ll enjoy the day, if not you’ll be thinking about how bad you hit it all day. So before you tee off you’ll want to hit the putting green area for some golf swing practice. To find a better golf swing you’ll want to find YOUR golf plane which is necessary to golf in the 70s.

YOUR golf plane will be where your swing is at its most comfortable but effective place while in motion. It can and will determine whether you’re a low or high handicap. If you’re a shorter golfer you’ll find that your golf grip is more to the shoulder. If taller, the golf grip will point more to your right foot. Now to get back on track when you’re mishitting the golf ball and improve on your golf ball striking, you’ll want to make your arms go up if your swing is around and flat. Your golf club grip should be between your ear and shoulder at the end of your back swing. Try and take an inch or two step closer to the golf ball if you’re too flat. Make that first tee shot count when you hit that golf ball and before long you’ll find yourself playing golf in the 70s.